About US


Wendell Business Movers is a respectable company that offers moving services to companies and corporations. Since it inception back in 2000, the company has made mileage as compared to the other conventional moving companies.

We decide to commit ourselves to office or business moving since most of the other companies who are actually our competitors were afraid to get their feet wet in this form of business. So far so good as we have managed to get a significant number of regular customers. When you contact us, we will handle everything from scheduling the move depending on your preferred dates, to packing and unpacking. All these procedures are done by our skilled personnel who have the necessary skills and expertise.

We have so far extended our bucket to encompass all our customers. We will work hard to make sure that in spite of the service that you request, we do deliver quality service that you will live to remember. Feel free to contact our support team to get details of the specific services that we offer. The bucket is deep and large enough so rest assured that you will get a service that resonate with the needs of your company.

We also have a team that works to ensure that each service meets international standards. This is probably one of the main reasons why we are ranked high by thousands of clients and corporations.

Call us today for professional office or residential moving services.